Data centres release substantial amounts of carbon into the atmosphere, but many are unaware of their carbon footprint impact, according to one IT consultancy firm.

The DMW Group claims that the average UK data centre has the same carbon footprint as the city of Leicester, with 40 per cent of the problem due to their computers.

However, despite these staggering statistics, 75 per cent of IT managers are not aware of the damage their company’s technology is creating.

According to a survey produced by the group, only 30 per cent of UK businesses in the marketing sector have plans to create more environmentally friendly data centres in the future.

These attitudes in the marketing sector will have to change as the government brings in more stringent regulations in order to slow the effects of climate change.

Earlier in the year, the former environment minister David Miliband called for an opt in option to replace opt out in direct mail preference services. ADNFCR-8000151-ID-18226903-ADNFCR

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