Marketing campaigns will only be successful if data lists are kept segmented and clean, an expert has warned.

According to marketing writer Joe Fernandez, brand campaigns can successfully tap into audience insights if firms make sure they focus on data hygiene and keep their business lists in good shape.

Writing in Marketing Week, he noted that the recession has opened marketers’ eyes to the importance of maintaining existing business links and improving data cleanliness.

Mr Fernandez pointed out that data integrity remains a key challenge for marketers but a growing number of firms are employing new ways to make better use of data in order to improve their marketing campaigns.

“Collecting data has never been easier as an ever-growing number of [people] go online to find out instantaneous information and agree to hand over personal details in order to register for website access or newsletters,” he commented.

Writing on Sales Lead Experts, marketing consultant MH McIntosh recently advised marketers that having the right data is essential to increased B2B sales leads.