Taking full advantage of the latest technology can help firms organise their data lists and business data.

Martino Corbelli, marketing director at Star, said systems such as cloud computing allow businesses to move away from the expense and hassle of software licensing and migrating to new platforms every few years.

He explained that cloud computing is all about making the most of existing assets, resources and people, as well as “blending what you’ve got today with what you need today and tomorrow”.

Mr Corbelli pointed out however, that some firms are unsure about employing cloud computing technology due to a lack of preparation.

“The only fear of cloud comes from organisations that don’t have a strategy for cloud computing,” he said. “Those that do have no fear of it; they embrace it.”

A recent study by Gartner found that companies are expected to spend more money on private cloud computing investments than on services from public cloud providers over the next two years.

Posted by Matthew Collins, Technical Director – IT Data Cleaning, Hygiene, Analytics, Databases