Data lists and business lists are indispensable assets to direct marketers, an expert has said.

Scott Morgan, president of independent advertising agency Brunner, pointed out that there are myriad opportunities out there for marketers who are brave and diligent enough to “dive” into the data lists at their disposal.

Writing in The 60 Second Marketer, he explained that customer databases, real-time research, predictive modelling and enhancement data all provide information about consumers and leads, which are essential to achieving campaign success.

Mr Morgan also highlighted the fact that many marketers are starting to realise the target universe is actually much smaller than originally thought.

“Four per cent of a brand’s consumer base is driving most of the business,” he said.

“This deeper dive into audience targeting is what I call the four per cent factor. Simply stated, it is another level down from the typical 80/20 rule of prioritising (20 per cent drives 80 per cent of the business).”

Writing in BtoB Online, Deb Campbell, vice-president of consulting services at Clario Analytics, recently stressed that marketers should always keep their data records up-to-date and keep on top of data hygiene.

Posted by Matthew Collins, Technical Director – IT Data Cleaning, Hygiene, Analytics, Databases

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