Businesses have been advised that a commitment to maintain honesty and to boost performance should be the driving force between marketers improving data lists, it has been claimed.

According to Steve Khederian, director of analysts at US-based marketing firm Catalyst, when implementing the results of marketing campaigns it is important not to interpret data in a way that is not borne out by the findings.

“Optimal results are there to be had, but there are no shortcuts,” said Mr Khederian.

“The most forward-thinking organisations rely on their analytics resources to keep them on the right path.”

He noted that a failure to do so could result in false impressions and bad business decisions that are not based on fact.

Meanwhile, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) recently gave its backing to a new trial of personal data storage technology by Mydex Community Interest Company.

DMA executive director Chris Combemale said the trial will have significant and wide-ranging implications for businesses and their customers.

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