The number of businesses where the responsibility for data integrity lies at boardroom level has increased, new research shows.

According to a report entitled Contact Data: Neglected asset seeks responsible owner by Qas, there has been a 16 per cent rise in the number of businesses where the responsibility of data integrity has climbed to board level within the last three years.

This has also led to an increase of five percentage points in the number of employees totally bought into data quality since 2005, which points towards the growing importance of data quality for businesses.

However, while 23 per cent of firms use data strategic planning and decision-making everyday, the survey found that the responsibility for the upkeep of this data is still largely “passed from pillar to post”.

Jonathan Hulford-Funnel from Qas said: “I believe organisations are presented with a simple choice – they can commit themselves to improving data quality with a documented data quality strategy in place that is supported and enforced by the top.

“Alternatively, they can continue to ignore the issues and allow current problems to persist.”

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