We know that our data is of the very best quality, but for the month of May, our data will be working doubly hard. For every order placed in May, Marketscan will plant a tree!

With Earth Day last month, and our ongoing 40th Anniversary celebrations this year, we want to make a contribution, give back and do some good for the planet. We have chosen to buy our trees through more:trees – a THG (eco) brand that is on a mission to create one of the world’s first green eCommerce platforms.

For each order placed with us and therefore each tree planted, your tree will save the equivalent carbon to driving 732.90 miles in a standard car! To help businesses, trees and the planet flourish, all you need to do is place an order with us. You can do this via Marketscan Online or with your account manager.

Any order is eligible and you don’t need to do anything, we’ll buy the tree on your behalf. If you place multiple orders in the month each order will qualify for the planting of a tree – more orders – more trees!

You can keep track of the progress by viewing the Marketscan Virtual Forest https://moretrees.eco/forest/Marketscan and we’ll periodically update this blog with our total equivalent carbon saving.

To take part, simply place an order – we’d love to hit a target of saving the equivalent of 80,000 miles. We can’t wait to see our virtual forest grow!

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