Even the most secure databases containing mailing lists and consumers lists are susceptible to data breaches and hacks, new research suggests.

A report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that just by studying the activities of a computer’s programmes and security systems, hackers can detect vulnerabilities in systems.

Moreover, by measuring the amount of time applications store data in the cache, it would be possible to determine how frequently a security and/or cryptographic system was using those same locations, the report found.

David Aminzade, northern Europe sales director for security specialists Tufin, explained that historically the security approach has been on the perimeter but companies need to start thinking about what goes on inside their networks because “there has been a lack of specificity about what can go around an internal network”.

Speaking to BtoB Online, Luke Bone, media director of interactive agency Tocquigny, recently urged marketers to ensure they always have clean, up-to-date data lists so they can identify the source of an opt-in and match those addresses to sales and marketing activities.

Posted by Matthew Collins, Technical Director – IT Data Cleaning, Hygiene, Analytics, Databases

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