Conservative leader David Cameron has criticised the government for allowing postal networks to worsen to the point where closures seem the only option.

Writing in the Telegraph on Friday, Mr Cameron said that the Labour party has been closing almost ten post offices a week since 1997 and is ignoring “the strength of public protest” against these closures.

The shadow leader outlined his commitment to campaign hard against the closure programme and promised to end the “iniquity” of profitable post offices being forced to close.

Mr Cameron said that he would be open to spending public money more efficiently by providing services by other means.

Among these propositions are to enable post offices to be able to use carriers other than Royal Mail “if it were sensible and cost-effective to do so”, Mr Cameron said.

He added: “It is astonishing that neither the government nor the Post Office itself has indicated a willingness to find low cost alternatives to present sub post offices, based on voluntary and community participation.”

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