The demand for direct mail as an effective marketing channel that complements other platforms is growing, an expert has said.

Neil O’Keefe, vice-president of multichannel at the Direct Marketing Association, pointed out that there is a huge diversification in marketing and many industry professionals are becoming acutely aware of the roles direct mail can play in a cohesive multi-platform approach.

Writing in a column for Post & Parcel, he pointed out that direct mail comes second only to face-to-face selling when it comes to advertising the appeal of a brand.

“As the balance of channels shifts and expands, print media will continue to complement not just mobile marketing but all the direct channels for one to one customer communication,” Mr O’Keefe commented.

In a recent speech at the Marketing Excellence for Small Business conference, Liz Love, managing director of global PocketMedia specialists Z-Card, highlighted the effectiveness of direct mail in a cross-platform campaign strategy.