Any brand or business can benefit from using digital channels to build their online profile, an expert has said.

Karin von Abrams, senior analyst at eMarketer, noted that agencies are becoming increasingly adept at integrating their campaigns using multichannel approaches in order to drive online engagement.

“The web is definitely taking on a central role in marketing activity for virtually all brands,” she pointed out.

“Advertisers in the UK have made great strides in cross-media marketing, and the expertise in this area is growing all the time.”

Ms von Abrams explained that although some fast-moving consumer goods have taken longer to get onboard the digital marketing bandwagon, it is clear that all companies can take advantage of rethinking their business processes to make full use of digital channels.

According to figures from the Nielsen Company, global advertising expenditure increased to 12.5 per cent in the second quarter of 2010.

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