A trackable digital marketing campaign can help boost the penetration of offline channels as part of an integrated strategy, according to one industry figure.

Ken Robbins, is president and founder of US-based advertising agency Response Mine Interactive, which boasts such clients as Staples, the largest office supply chain in the world.

He says that online digital marketing strategies such as email marketing do have a place alongside offline channels, but that measuring a return on investment is key to their success.

He said: “The holy grail of digital marketing is quantifying its impact on offline channels. Proving that digital marketing can drive brick and mortar store sales is groundbreaking.”

Adding: “It can change a retailer’s fortunes by giving it a more effective marketing strategy.”

Mr Robbins also underlined the opportunities provided by interactive marketing – the Direct Marketing Association has also indentified this potential and has released its new Social Media Report to raise awareness of the channel among direct marketers.

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