Tips on how to create a successful direct mail drive using limited resources have been shared by one marketing expert.

Writing in the Business Ledger, owner of SimplySmartMail Gary Bohringer said the idea only larger businesses can afford mailing campaigns is a common misconception.

According to Mr Bohringer, direct mail can be “affordable, testable and measurable if used properly”.

He advises businesses to set a budget early, taking into account how much a customer or sale is worth to the firm.

Mailings should then be segmented according to which offer or format will reach each audience most effectively.

Mr Bohringer suggests marketers could try using a variety of incentives, such as discounts or free gifts, to see which delivers the best response; providing useful information for further campaigns.

Meanwhile, reports suggest volumes of direct mail are down by 16 per cent in the US.

The economic downturn and rising shipping costs have contributed to the fall in deliveries, reports the Associated Press.


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