Direct mail marketing need not always be solely about aggressive promotional campaigns, an industry expert has suggested.

Frank Defino Jr, vice president and managing director of Tukaiz, said marketers do not always have to include offers in their marketing communications – sometimes all that is needed could just be a simple “hello”.

Writing in a column for BtoB Magazine, he explained that marketing messages that just include greetings are perfect for keeping the lines of communication open with clients and reassuring them that they have not been forgotten.

“Making your mailing reflective of your genuine care will put recipients at ease because there isn’t a specific call to action,” Mr Defino said.

“This emotional approach is effective for introducing a company, building brand recognition or reinforcing relationships.”

Earlier this year, marketing magazine Deliver reported about how Tukaiz made use of a sports-themed mailer to attract the attention of potential B2B clients.

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