Direct mail can prove to be a more effective business-to-business marketing ploy than newspaper advertising, one industry figure has suggested.

Many companies are debating the best way to use their marketing spend in the face of cuts.

Director of research at the Food Marketing Institute stateside, Anne-Marie Roerink, has put forward her opinion that direct mail can target readers better than a newspaper campaign.

She said: “Targeted delivery to specific postal districts, or even better at the lower demographic level taken from a membership programme, reallocates ad spend to higher potential customers, effectively increasing advertising ROI.”

Ms Roerink went on to urge businesses to aim to get more for their marketing budget, rather than slash spend – she recommended identifying the best marketing channels to use, before dropping those which have proven ineffective.

She concluded: “This depends on your specific circumstances and can be web media for one company or direct mail for another.”

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