Direct mail plays a crucial role in generating leads and increasing sales figures, an expert has said.

According to Holly Wasas, brokerage account manager at Direct Media Millard, direct mail catalogues are an effective advertising vehicle for generating interest and winning new business.

Writing in, she noted that catalogues can be used to drive traffic to websites, so marketers should see them as a means to an end.

“Stop thinking about your catalogue as your business,” Ms Wasas noted. “You can show more products, with longer descriptions on the web. Make the website the store and the catalogue the advertising vehicle.”

She noted that it is “amazing” how so few businesses understand this concept and pointed out that only the firms who fully grasp the role of catalogues enjoy success.

Writing in BtoB Online, Deb Campbell, vice-president of consulting services at Clario Analytics, recently said that data hygiene is essential for direct mail success.

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