Complaints about direct mail have increased this year, according to industry watchdog the Direct Marketing Commission (DMC).

The DMC’s quarterly complaints index between December 2008 and March 2009 shows that direct mail is the second biggest cause of complaints (14 per cent), after financial accounts and invoicing issues (15 per cent).

Complaints against database companies have also risen from six per cent to nine per cent of all grievances.

Despite the relatively large number of objections, the survey revealed that the direct mail industry is competent when it comes to dealing with problems.

Out of the 88 complaints that were received by the DMC, more than half (54) where investigated quickly and without unnecessary bureaucracy.

Matti Alderson, chairman of the DMC, said: “Although we’ve seen an increase in data-related complaints this quarter, we haven’t concluded that they’re the result of deliberate malpractice.

“They’ve resulted from technical issues or misunderstanding in relation to the opt-in or unsubscribe processes.”

He advised direct marketers to be “diligent” about following the industry’s best practice guidelines.

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