Direct marketing budgets could be focussed more on the internet than direct mail in the future because of the Royal Mail strikes, it has been claimed.

London, Birmingham, Bristol and Stoke-on-Trent are among a number of locations suffering from the latest in a series of walkouts by Royal Mail staff over pay and conditions disputes and the disruption could discourage companies from using direct mail in future, an expert has warned.

Gillian Lyall, communications solutions director at NB Group, explained to Print Week that the impact of the ongoing industrial action could be to encourage more organisations to focus their direct marketing strategies online, rather than with the increasingly unreliable postal service.

“For some companies, if they don’t get their mailing out then this can have a severe impact on a client’s cashflow,” she told the magazine.

A growing number of organisations are already using the power of the internet to deliver their online marketing strategies, with social media sites such as Facebook becoming increasingly popular.

Nonetheless, effective direct mail campaigns can still help a business to grow and develop new opportunities, even during the current economic recession.

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