Direct mail is an effective marketing medium for encouraging unplanned online purchases, a new report from e-Dialog reveals.

The firm’s 2009 European E-mail Attitudes Survey shows that almost half (43 per cent) of respondents said direct mail would encourage them to make an impulse purchase online.

Similarly, 45 per cent of the 5,008 people questioned said they would be likely to make an impromptu purchase online based on printed catalogue advertising.

The survey found that email was the preferred choice, with 60 per cent of respondents saying they would be likely to take action after receiving promotional material electronically.

“At e-Dialog we have seen that across the European markets, there is strong correlation between email and traditional direct mail marketing,” commented Simone Barratt, managing director e-Dialog.

“This correlation presents marketers with a clear opportunity to generate high response rates.”

She added that using consistent presentation, copy and imagery in email and direct mail can “reinforce the messaging between these channels”.

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