Direct mail is an excellent tool for maintaining business links, an expert has advised.

According to marketing specialist Michelle Nicholson, the offline platform helps businesses let their clients know that they will be there for them “through good times and bad”.

Writing on Cebus, she pointed out that a well-designed piece of direct mail can help companies leave a lasting impression that will have huge benefits in terms of their overall campaign strategy.

Ms Nicholson added that direct mail can improve a client’s confidence in an organisation’s brand so they should not trim their marketing budgets in order to take the easy route.

“Choosing for your organisation to go into ‘message blackout/silence’ mode by cutting advertising budgets is, in effect, cutting off conversations with your clients,” she commented.

“You have worked so hard to create a relationship with them – why would you want to do that?”

In a recent interview with Marketing Donut, expert Andy Preston advised firms to include special offers in their direct mail to improve their overall strategy.

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