The direct marketing industry is now ready to fight off parliamentary critics with the new cross-industry initiative, Advertising Association chief executive Baroness Peta Buscombe has announced.

Baroness Buscombe had previously advocated a softly-softly approach, but has now conceded that the direct marketing industry has been on the back foot for too long and is now ready to go on the offensive.

She said that while organisations like the Direct Marketing Association UK, Royal Mail and the IPA have worked hard to promote the industry, they have been “forced on the defensive”.

The direct mail industry has suffered an image battering in recent months, attracting criticism from former Environment Minister, David Miliband.

Baroness Buscombe told Precision Marketing: “[Mr Miliband] obviously didn’t think how a war on junk mail would affect parliamentarians. The problem is that MPs don’t understand the role of business, so we have to send a positive image to them.”

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