Direct mail cannot be thought of as a dead medium, an expert has stressed.

Steven Dodds, senior planner at the Direct Marketing Group’s DMS, said that while some businesses have had to trim volumes slightly during the economic downturn, this does not mean that the channel is redundant.

He pointed out that direct mail response rates have not declined in any significant way and in some cases – particularly with prize-related offers – returns have increased.

“Whilst there is no doubt that clients need to embrace an increasing range of channels and propositions, in the main mail still works,” Mr Dodds said.

He recommended that marketing firms increase their focus on mail targeting through improved modelling and other methods to ensure returns through the channel hold up.

Writing in Marketing Week, Mark Thomson, media director at Royal Mail recently urged firms to ensure business data is put at the forefront of their direct mail campaigns.

Posted by Daryl Jay, Business Development Director – Sales, Industry News, General Marketing