Consumers that receive direct mail are more likely to have higher brand awareness than those who do not, a new study suggests.

Research conducted by Royal Mail found that people who receive direct mail together with television and advertising campaigns were 27 per cent more likely to have a spontaneous response.

In addition, direct mail initiatives were found to lead to a 25 per cent increase in prompted responses to brands, costing up to 36 per cent less than conducting a television marketing campaign.

Mike West, Royal Mail’s media proposition manager, told Qas: “By focusing attention on key elements, such as placing more emphasis on data and creativity, marketers can significantly raise response rates, boosting return on investment and hence the bottom line, potentially by thousands of pounds.”

The findings follow on from a separate study by Quadrangle for Royal Mail, which found that firms can boost the success of their direct mail campaigns by at least 50 per cent by implementing good quality data and investing financially and creatively in their campaigns.

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