The response rates enjoyed by direct mail marketing campaigns are still robust, an industry expert has said.

Russell Parsons of Marketing Week highlighted the British Population Survey’s Marketing Channel Trends report, which found that direct mail or leaflets posted through the door scored the highest among all marketing methods when it came to response rates.

The survey found that the majority of respondents visited a website or rang a call centre after receiving direct mail or leaflets posted through their door.

“[The results] underline the giant strides made in targeting and analytics that puts mail through the letterboxes of the potentially more receptive,” Mr Parson commented.

“The message for marketers seems to be: direct mail works but don’t expect consumers to like it.”

A quarter of people said they believe it is acceptable for brands to communicate to them via leaflets, while a third (34 per cent) of respondents are fine with being targeted by way of newspapers and magazines, the survey found.

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