Marketers could gain greater benefit from using direct mail platforms as opposed to online techniques, an expert has suggested.

Wayne Ford, group design director of Haymarket Business Media, said direct mail is regaining its popularity, so firms should seriously consider capitalising on the platform’s strengths.

Writing for Black Star Rising, he stressed that offline communications have an advantage over emails because the former do not have a risk of being caught up by spam filters.

“If your email campaign isn’t working for you, consider direct mail as an alternative,” Mr Ford commented. “And if your email campaign is working for you, consider it as an addition to the mix.”

He added that unsolicited marketing emails now account for around 95 per cent of all electronic communications sent, which means genuine mails are likely to get lost among the spam.

James Charlton, a spokesperson for the Advertising Association, recently said the marketing industry is currently showing signs of emerging from the economic downturn.

Posted by Julie Knight, Managing Director – General Marketing, Industry News

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