Direct marketing is undergoing a reversion back to a “postal phase”, according to industry experts.

The Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM) said that after going through telephone and email-orientated phases, direct marketing is now going back to being postal-based.

Ren Kapur, director of corporate development at the ISMM said that direct marketing post is also now being generated from outside the UK and mass-mailed in a more cost-effective way.

She added that marketers still regard direct marketing as a highly effective medium because it “adapts to changes in client patterns” and its success is attributed to the fact that its nature changes “according to customer trends”.

“Direct marketing is so much more flexible, hence why it maintains its edge all the time,” Ms Kapur commented.

According to the Direct Mail Information Service, the UK’s leading source of information on the direct mail industry, it is estimated that consumer direct mail generates over £27 billion worth of business every year.

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