Direct mail
sales leads are more valuable that internet-based sales leads, an industry expert has suggested.

Marketing specialist Mark Haslan of Overnight Prints said that even though businesses may be able to reach out to a broader audience over the internet, they may not be getting the same quality of leads as if they employed more traditional offline methods.

He stressed that business owners may indeed be able to generate thousands of sales leads per month over the internet but a majority of those leads probably will not convert into sales, while online ads are often a passive experience, which does not stimulate consumers enough.

“With direct mail, a customer has to take specific action to respond to a postcard or brochure, increasing their involvement in the interaction,” Mr Haslan insisted.

He advised marketers to experiment with different marketing solutions to determine what works and what does not work for their particular industry.

According to Mark Batchelor, managing director of Markman OTW, companies should take the multichannel approach to marketing and use online PR and social media to build their brands.

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