Marketers should always ensure that their direct mail campaigns are clear and targeted, LDP Business club has advised.

The company stressed that ensuring marketing messages are properly directed is crucial, as “even the best crafted pitch is worthless if it’s delivered to someone who doesn’t want it”.

Marketers were also advised to be clear and concise so that what is being offered can be seen and digested easily.

“Guessing games aren’t much fun and rarely lead to a sale,” the firm said. “State your offer up front and without (too much) hype.”

The importance of appearance and creative, engaging copy was also highlighted: “A little chic goes a long way towards keeping [recipients] interested and lively writing never goes out of style.”

LDP stressed however, that no matter how well a direct mailing is crafted, there will never be a substitute for good service.

According to marketing expert Douglas Smith, direct mail should always be “approachable”, so as not to alienate recipients.

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