Advertising companies and direct mail professionals should use their campaigns to promote a strong brand message, an expert has advised.

Ray Jones, head of communications and external affairs at the Chartered Institute of Marketing, stressed that branding is one of the most important things marketers should focus on, especially in the current economic climate.

He pointed out that brands are not just “seals of quality” but provide essential value that helps firms stay afloat amid an uncertain economic climate.

“The way for companies to survive is not to reduce prices and risk devaluing [themselves],” Mr Jones warned.

“The answer, to quote the wartime poster that seems to fit the recession zeitgeist at the moment, is to ‘keep calm and carry on’.”

Writing in The 60 Second Marketer, copywriting expert Scott Cohen pointed out that proper audience segmentation is one of the ways marketers can ensure their campaigns are as targeted as possible.


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