Firms should show recycling logos on their offline direct mail to advertise their environmentally-friendly credentials, a postal consultancy firm has advised.

A white paper by OnePost found that the majority of recipients expect companies to feature recycle logos on marketing messages and would be surprised not to find such messages on a direct mailing.

The study pointed out that education is crucial for marketers in order for them to gain a comprehensive understanding about how to implement industry best practice guidelines.

“We commissioned the research because we are committed to supporting the environmental challenges our industry faces,” Graham Cooper, managing director of OnePost, told Newsblaze.

“We believe these findings will give businesses the opportunity to promote their brand whilst [also] helping to further reduce their impact on the environment.”

Alex Walsh, head of postal affairs at the Direct Marketing Association, added that the direct marketing industry should take greater responsibility to ensure it delivers its share of the waste strategy objectives “without the need for additional government intervention”.