Marketing should focus on devising an effective strategy to cope with the recession instead of cutting back their budgets, an expert has said.

According to Carol Wright, direct marketing manager at Pitney Bowes, as the global economic crisis continues, it is more important than ever to deliver direct mail in a timely manner.

Writing on Fresh Business Thinking, she maintained that direct mail is an “essential marketing channel” for any firm looking to build and maintain relationships with business leads and nurturing links should be the preserve of both small and large companies alike.

“One of the biggest misconceptions is that direct mail is just for major players,” Ms Wright said.

“However we must recognise that even the smallest operators among our client base can use mail to build their businesses – despite the difficult economic climate.”

The expert also advised marketers to analyse and segment the information on their databases and personalise their mailing “to a fine degree”.

Meanwhile, sales lead specialist M H McIntosh recently advised marketers to include cover letters in their direct mail campaigns in order to improve marketing effectiveness.

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