A well-designed and professional-looking direct mailing campaign is the first step to an effective strategy, a printing firm has advised.

NeoPost stressed that marketers should try making use of automatic folding and inserting equipment when compiling promotional direct mail, in order to give their campaigns a polished look and improve efficiency.

“Envelope inserting machines will fold, insert, or fold and insert your direct mail, invoices, statements [and] cheques, place them into an envelope and seal them ready for posting, helping to maximise efficiency and remove unnecessary costs from your business,” the company said.

NeoPost pointed out that folding and inserting equipment will ensure that the address is properly positioned in the window of the envelope which is crucial for firms who are taking part in Royal Mail’s discount programmes.

A recent study by GI Direct found that 70 per cent of Britons are five to ten times more likely to respond to properly addressed direct mail.

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