Making sure tests and metrics are significant is an important part of improving B2B direct marketing campaigns, an expert has said.

According to marketing writer Amy Syracuse, ensuring direct mail tests are appropriate is a crucial part of a direct marketing campaign strategy and is one of the best ways to “trim the fat from your direct marketing budget”.

Writing in BtoB Online, she also advised marketers not to rush into investing in emerging technologies without first making sure that the investment is likely to yield benefits.

“Today’s marketers have no shortage of new media with which to experiment,” Ms Syracuse commented.

“But…the latest and greatest marketing vehicles – things like mobile applications and social media – aren’t necessarily the best investments.”

The expert quoted advice from Wunderman’s Margie Chiu, who urged direct marketing professionals not to fall prey to “bright shiny object syndrome” but spend time understanding the technology adoption of their prospects.

A recent report from the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising found that direct marketers’ confidence in the economy is growing.

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