Timing is more important than personalisation when it comes to direct mail campaigns, a new survey suggests.

A poll commissioned by GI Direct found that two thirds (66 per cent) of respondents are more likely to respond to direct marketing that reaches them at the right time, while just a third are more influenced by personalisation and direct mail design.

Men were found to be more influenced by the timing of marketing messages than their female counterparts (68 per cent versus 64 per cent).

Broken down regionally, the survey found that those in the capital are least likely to be impressed by design and presentation – just 24 per cent said they would be swayed by an overly polished direct mailing.

Patrick Headley, sales director at GI Direct, stressed that both personalisation and timing are important, so marketers have to strike a healthy balance between the two.

“Organisations need to pay attention not only to the appropriate targeting of their direct mail campaigns, but also being able to identify the triggers and times when recipients are most likely to respond and buy,” he said.

According to Publicity Mailing, a third of all direct mail recipients keep hold of mailings as a “reference point”.

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