The printed direct mail industry may experience a downturn amid the current turbulent economic climate, a new report has warned.

A survey by media and consulting firm Borrell Associates reveals that direct mail spending will decrease by 39 per cent over the course of the next five years.

However, electronic direct mail is expected to grow during the same period, as marketers look to cut costs, improve measurability and reduce their carbon footprint.

Despite the projected decline within the direct mail industry, Borrell Associates conceded that there is still hope for the industry, as it is “the largest of all print media”.

The firm warned that those looking to harness the benefits of email should make sure that they have they appropriate systems in place.

“Managing large email marketing campaigns require database marketing expertise, a savvy sales force, adequate e-mail management software, familiarity with the rules and regulations and a lot of patience,” the report said.

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