Telemarketers are advised to use direct mail and e-marketing to contact customers on Do-Not-Call lists.

Such measures are an effective way to complement telemarketing, as customers on Do-Not-Call lists can still be contacted – just not by telephone.

Stuart Discount, president and CEO of 1 2 1 Direct Response, says there are a number of ways in which telemarketing and direct mailing can work together.

“Direct mailing is a very effective compliment to telemarketing efforts. There are really a lot of things you can actually do by integrating mailing with telemarketing,” he told TMCnet.

“You can use direct mail before a telemarketing campaign, and get some response back, then mail those that have not responded. Or you can use direct mail as a follow up to your telemarketing campaign for those who haven’t responded.”

Mr Discount said the days when telemarketing and telemarketing were separate campaigns are over.

Echoing these sentiments, Jeff Plaut, vice president of sales and marketing at 1 2 1, said: “There are creative ways to use Do Not Call requests.

“We have shown many of our clients how advantageous it can be to actually combine Do Not Call requests with an appeal though the mail.”

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