Business-to-business marketers planning on using information acquired from the electoral register should be concerned over the outcome of a recent inquiry.

A review conducted by Information Commissioner Richard Thomas and Dr Mark Walport, director of the Wellcome Trust found that some local council’s policy of selling the details of voters to direct mailing services is questionable, reports the Daily Mail.

While details from the electronic version of the electoral register are behind over three billion items of direct mail a year, the inquiry says that the passing on of such details to firms should be banned.

Former Shadow Home Secretary David Davis told the newspaper that the move is long overdue, saying: “It is extraordinary that it has taken so long for the Ministry of justice to even consider enhancing the powers of the Information Commissioner, given the farcical history of government mishandling of personal data.”

The Guardian ran a Free Our Data campaign last year, attempting to make it easier for the families of the deceased to remove their names from mailing lists.

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