Firms gearing up to begin their email marketing campaigns for 2008 have been handed some advice by one senior industry figure.

Sid Liebenson, executive vice-president and director of marketing at multinational communications agency network DraftFCB, has given some tips on the frequency with which to send their messages.

Mr Liebenson says that to avoid annoying targets, only messages carrying “relevant” information should be sent.

He also suggested that the use of information recorded when recipients opt-in to receiving emails can work in direct marketers favour.

“The ideal frequency of email contact with customers is to communicate as often as you have relevant information to share,” Mr Liebenson told DM News.

“In some cases, it makes sense to ask customers how often they’d like to hear from you.”

Past research from Email Labs has shown that the most popular day for sending out email marketing messages is Tuesday, followed by Wednesday and Thursday.

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