Marketers should not be afraid of soliciting outside help with their B2B direct mail campaigns, an expert has advised.

Murray Martin, chairman, president and chief executive of Pitney Bowes, said that in order to achieve marketing success, it may be necessary to rely on the expertise of third parties.

He pointed out that external industry experts will be able to provide invaluable information on the design element of marketing messages and on the cost of promotions.

Mr Martin explained that the only way marketers can ensure their campaigns are as effective as possible is by keeping abreast of the latest industry trends and advice.

“Education plays a critical role in helping mailers successfully manage postal changes while maximising the value of their direct mail,” he said.

“By employing the right mix of strategies and solutions, mailers can help improve their overall operational efficiency, address quality and reduce postage costs.”

According to the Direct Mail Association, 33 per cent of people respond to direct mail by going online.

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