Royal Mail has launched a new web portal to allow those involved in direct mail campaigns to make the most out of the marketing strategy.

The new Mail Media Centre is targeted at the UK’s top 3,000 advertisers and 500 best-in-class agencies and offers a host of expert advice on using direct marketing to achieve diverse strategy objectives.

Speaking to PrintWeek, Alex Walsh, head of postal affairs at the Direct Marketing Association, described the new site as an “exceptional resource” for anyone involved in direct mail campaigns.

“It’s a mature approach and one that is needed. It provides advice on how to use direct mail more effectively, which can only be good for the industry,” he added.

Among the briefings to be posted on the site since its launch is an examination of how to pursue innovation during a recession.

The Royal Mail’s media director claims that companies must come to think of digital advertising and direct marketing as complementary and essential tenets of any campaign.

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