The ongoing economic downturn could prompt more firms to turn to direct marketing methods, according to the Federation of European Direct and Interactive Marketing (FEDMA).

Jorgen Nygaard Andreassen, marketing and membership manager at the organisation – which is made up of various national direct marketing associations – says that the demand for a healthy return of investment could persuade companies to spend more of their budgets on activities such as direct mail and email campaigns.

Asked whether FEDMA had noted increased interest in performance-based marketing in recent times, Mr Andreassen confirmed that this has been the case.

He commented: “Absolutely yes! We are already seeing a significant increase on enquiries.”

Adding: “During the last recession, from 1999 to 2001, direct marketing saw an increase of 12 per cent while mass advertising hardly grew at all.”

The Vertical Search (B2B) Report 2009 recently revealed that 78 per cent of advertisers quizzed said that they would increase spend on cost-per-action marketing over the coming year.

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