Direct mail marketing campaigns are one of the best ways to increase traffic to a company’s website and convert them into leads, according to an expert.

Ben Allan, managing director of The Insert & Leaflet Team (Tilt), said that marketers are not fully aware of the benefits of offline and are carelessly investing in online platforms, creating a “false economy”.

He noted that because it is difficult to attribute hits on a website to offline marketing campaigns, many marketers are not fully aware of the “power of offline channels”.

Writing on Brand Republic, Mr Allan pointed out that through in-depth research, accurate analysis and the use of case studies, there can be a “re-balance between direct and digital”.

“I don’t dispute that digital is the future, but there is still a place for offline and it deserves recognition for its effectiveness and part in making online such a success,” he said.

List management firm Statlistics recently commented that direct mail will “always have a role” in marketing strategies.

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