Direct Marketing is direct to the customer. This includes Direct Response Advertising, email and Interactive Web Sites. However, the most common format is Direct Mail. In terms of overall expenditure, Direct Mail ranks as the third largest advertising technique in the UK.

Despite sometimes receiving negative press (often being referred to as “junk mail”), targeted direct mail is an effective and valuable form of marketing. On a cost-per-head basis it may sometimes appear more expensive than other forms of advertising but when you look at its unique advantages – its accuracy, testability, flexibility, personalisation etc – it can in fact turn into the MOST cost-effective form of communication.

Direct Mail has many advantages.

1. GENERATE LEADS – don’t forget the objective is to provide direct new business leads and close sales.

2. GET CLOSE – the closest you can get to your customer on a person-to-person basis without actually meeting them.

3. PRECISELY TARGET – your communication can go to named individuals that exactly match your ideal customer profile.

4. MORE CHOICE – communications can vary in space, length, format, creative etc. Other methods can severely limit what, and how much, you can say.

5. FAST RESPONSE – you can respond to sudden opportunities, difficulties, or changed circumstances. Try getting a TV or Press ad together in 24 hours!

6. GO CENTRE-STAGE – as long as you hold your prospect’s attention, you have ALL their attention. In newspapers, TV and radio advertising your message competes with many others.

7. MEASURE & TEST – response within days (or even hours). You know exactly how well your message pulled –
even down to cost-per-sale.

8. COMPARE CAMPAIGNS – simultaneously test and compare DIFFERENT messages/offers/prices against each other – find out what works best, match your “package” to each recipient more accurately.

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