This guide will allow you get get a better idea of how you can locate your target audience.

17. Mailing lists are available directly from database marketing companies that specialize in business to business or consumer lists. They are licensees for extensive databases such as Thomson Directories or actually own a list they have compiled themselves. The business databases tend to encompass much of the “whole world” of businesses.

18. List brokers broke many lists from many different sources. Often they will deal in the bizarre or very specialist list enquiries.

19. Many lists, especially consumers, are available through Internet groups. These databases may not encompass the “whole world” of consumers but are often compiled on an “opt in” basis where all consumers have freely submitted their data, interest areas etc.

20. All databases should be searchable according to your target criteria. Use the expertise of the list company to help to refine your selections.

21. Be sure to think about the right contact within the organization. It may be vital to your success so ensure the list provider can provide them.

22. Lists can be rented for a one-time use only or purchased for multiple use. Decide whether your product or service would fare better through a repeat mailing campaign or from a single mailing.

23. Lists can provide contact names, titles, company names, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers and sometimes email addresses. Each element of information potentially adds cost so be clear as to what data you require before ordering.

24. Fax numbers should be matched with the Fax Preference Service (FPS). The FPS allows companies to “opt out” of receiving random prospective marketing fax-shots.

25. e-mail addresses are currently a bone of contention within the Direct Marketing industry. Unless the company has indicated that they want to receive your e-mails (permission based or opt-in marketing) your e-mail may be considered as SPAM (unsolicited commercial e-mail). Users beware! Complaints about SPAM can cause your ISP to be blacklisted, your account blocked or, as is the case in the USA, court proceedings to be threatened. And that’s not even considering negative publicity or credibility issues.

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