Direct Marketing or Direct Mail has a clear advantage – it allows you to measure exactly the response to your campaigns, their success and ROI (Return on Investment). Before you start you will need to be clear on what the objectives are of your campaign(s). A clearly-defined mission makes for a clear message to customers.

27. Are you looking for direct, immediate sales? This can include first-time buyers (new business), repeats, upgrades, product enhancements etc?). This is the more traditional “sales letter”.

28. Do you want sales leads? Direct Mail may include surveys (information gathering), often tied to some incentive such as a free prize draw for the return of information.

29. Are you informing your customer about something new? This form of Direct Mail often includes company newsletters.

30. Are you looking to change people’s perception of your product/service/company? Direct Marketing of this sort often includes enclosing Press Releases, copy of journal editorial, customer testimonials etc.

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