The marketing sector will play a key role in fuelling Britain’s future economic growth, it has been claimed.

This is the assertion made by the chief executive of the Advertising Association, who suggested that after the public finances have been improved by the Comprehensive Spending Review, promotional activity will be needed to generate recovery.

According to Tim Lefroy, direct marketing and similar campaigns provide consumers with choice, which is in line with the government’s plans for the Big Society.

“Policy makers can benefit from the knowledge and expertise vested in this sector,” he stated, noted that growth in advertising is forecast to reach 5.4 per cent, which may stimulate the purchase of mailing lists.

Mr Lefroy added that the sector is helping to offset public sector expenditure cuts through partnerships between agencies, media owners, advertisers and other industry groups.

Chancellor George Osborne announced widespread cuts to public sector budgets as part of his speech on the Comprehensive Spending Review, delivered in parliament on October 20th.

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