A growing number of businesses have put their trust in direct marketing initiatives to help them get through the recession, it has been suggested.

The Cambridge Network reports that one recruitment organisation has seen a significant increase in the use of direct marketing campaigns over the course of this year, as businesses choose to cut back on more expensive marketing techniques such as events.

Steve Mann, managing director of marketing recruitment specialists Brand Recruitment, told the organisation that there was a significant slowdown in the number of new marketing jobs becoming available during the first months of 2009 as companies looked to put a cap on expenditure.

“Firms were moving the onus of any marketing activity from the less focused activities such as events or advertising to targeted methods such as direct marketing and online,” he explained.

“Proportionally there was a massive increase in the number of direct marketing jobs and online marketing jobs,” Mr Mann added.

This trend demonstrates the importance placed on direct marketing and highlights how it can prove to be a saviour for businesses during the downturn, offering a much more cost-effective way to get messages across to potential clients.

Print Week reports that the current wave of Royal Mail strikes could result in more companies choosing to carry out direct marketing campaigns online because of concerns over the mail’s reliability.

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