The direct marketing industry has recognised that direct mail wastage must be significantly reduced and has announced plans to reduce its adverse impact on the environment.

Following a Defra-backed report that indicates that cutting waste could save taxpayers up £30 million a year in disposal costs, the industry concedes that “business as usual is no longer an option”.

The Environment Council report recommends that the direct marketing industry should take a number of practical measures including greater use of suppression lists, increasing the level of opt-out schemes and the implementation of legally binding ‘no junk mail’ stickers for letterboxes.

The Direct Marketing Association has defended its environmental record and cites partnerships it has forged with Friends of the Earth, Envirowise and the British Standards Institute.

In a statement, the industry body said: “Each of these initiatives aims to minimise waste and reduce the impact of the industry on the environment and create sustainable growth so that business and the UK economy can continue to enjoy the benefits of the industry without harming the sector.”

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