Direct marketers need to begin to crack the nut of social media networks, one senior industry figure has claimed.

Don Tapscot, a management expert, author of several related books and adjunct professor at the University of Toronto, was interviewed by in the run-up to the Institute of Direct Marketing‘s annual lunch, where he is booked to talk.

Mr Tapscot is convinced that direct marketers need to change tact in order to connect with young people via online social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

He explained to the website: “If you can influence people in the context of their networks, that’s how good things happen. Direct marketing is becoming indirect.

“If we look at [the] future of marketing through the eyes of new generation, who will dominate marketing in [the] 21st century, they don’t want products, they want experiences.”

A new report from social media specialist Michael Stelzner shows that almost nine in ten marketers quizzed target social networkers.

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