There are growing concerns that traditional direct marketing is nothing more than unilateral “monologue marketing”, an industry specialist has said.

According to Nick Evans, a consultant at data marketing firm Jaywing, bombarding consumers with marketing messages whether or not they consider them relevant is not the way marketers can forge long-term, two-way relationships.

Writing on, Mr Evans said it is “disheartening” that many brands are using digital channels and the internet in exactly the same way as more traditional channels – embodying a low-cost, high-volume mentality with their digital marketing investments.

“Targeting tends to be nothing more complex than placing ads online based on simple stats about the type of users visiting a site, such as ’75 per cent of users are male’,” Mr Evans wrote.

Email especially has had its young reputation damaged by the rogue spammers who have flooded inboxes with unsolicited messages,” he added.

In order to remedy this, Mr Evans advised marketers to foster an approach that emphasises dialogue, by making information available to the consumer so they can extract it when and where they want and through the channels that are appropriate for them.

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